The Weekend Warriors and Chilli Pepper Dog Discover the Difference

grubs 8.jpg

Instagram hit Chilli.Pepper.Dog and her owners Jessica Knowles and Tim Featonby (also known as The Weekend Warriors) tried out the Grub’s Discover Shoe, to see if it was up to the test in conquering the English countryside and keeping up with Chilli. 

Here is what Jessica said:

First looking at the Grub’s Discover Shoes they seemed smaller, not as durable and quite frankly a posher version of a trainer (which any dog walker would know in autumn/winter, just won’t do). Lugging your feet around in the sloppy, wet mud, feels like a workout in itself, so we were dubious if they would be up to scratch. 

We popped them on and ventured across as many different terrains to put them to the test. The last thing you would want is to come home with wet socks and blistered feet. But to our surprise we skipped across the fields and the mud merely licked the sides of the shoes and didn’t penetrate our socks at all.

grubs 9.jpg

The next part of the journey was through a low stream and again, the water just tickled the sides not making any lasting impression inside our shoes. 

We then climbed over some stiles thinking they may be too rigid and inflexible to help us shimmy across, but again, it was easy. 

A stoney path followed up to the hillside and we thought we may have found a weakness…but again the extra thick sole ensured that it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

We were impressed with how understated such a functional shoe could be. With your everyday walks you use your everyday items; dog lead, collar, whistle, poo bags, treats etc.  We were impressed with these shoes so much so, now Grub’s will be added to the list as a no brainer. Taking the dog out for a walk suddenly became a whole lot easier without having to contend with the usual clunky, bulky, boots or wellies.

grubs 10.jpg

These will not replace our trusted wellies in winter, however they certainly will replace them in autumn, spring and summer to make future expeditions with the pooch are a walk in the park.

Overall these shoes are great all-rounders because they are light-weight, comfortable, breathable and waterproof!