12 Miles of North Yorkshire in my DISCOVER shoes by Tim Smith


Last weekend I did a 12 mile walk in North Yorkshire, the weather was glorious and the views spectacular. Whilst my feet were cool and dry everyone else in team was far too hot in their walking boots, I, however had never been so comfortable thanks to my new Grubs Discover shoe. 

I had worn the shoe the occasional day around the garden, in the office and to my boot camp sessions, however they were relatively new when I embarked on the 12 mile walk around Middleham. They took absolutely no wearing in as they were comfy from putting my first step forward which is always a worry when wearing new shoes for hiking. 

The lightweight shoe was indescribably comfortable; as I am an avid walker I have tried lots of different footwear whilst on my travels. These trainers were so comfortable it meant I could, without even noticing walk at a faster pace in a more relaxed way. I didn’t complain about my feet all day!

With the fantastic weather reaching 26°C over the weekend, I was so pleased I decided to wear the lightweight, breathable show instead of my typically heavy, bulky walking boots. The breathable Discover allowed my feet to stay cool, dry and most importantly comfortable all day.

The terrain was a little wet and muddy in places however all it took to get them clean was a couple of wipes with a damp cloth. The last thing you want to be worrying about when out walking in the beautiful countryside is getting your shoes dirty, so next time I wouldn’t think twice about this knowing they can be easily restored to looking new again.

Middleham Market cross

Middleham Market cross

The support the shoe gave me was great, I felt confident and stylish in the Black/Burst colour shoe. Brushing past sharp rocks and stones didn’t seem to phase the tough snag resistant outer fabric either. 

The derby laced opening meant I could adjust the fit whether this be a tight snug fit or to loosen it up when we stopped for a quick lunch break. 

All four of my friends that joined me on the walk were envious of my comfortable shoes and all now have a pair on order!

Tim Smith