No More Cold Feet - Thanks To Grub’s

With the cooler weather making an appearance, boots to keep your feet warm and cosy are essential and for Gem Kingaby, she has definitely found the right pair for her.

Gem, based in Pembrokeshire in Wales, suffers with really cold feet, even during the summer weather, so it was important to find a pair of boots that not only kept her feet warm but were breathable too. 

Working at a trail riding centre as a trail leader and also the photographer, the boots endure seaside walks, trekking in mud and then back to the stables to muck out the horses, and to Gem’s delight the boots from Grub’s are up to the task!

Gem - Beach Image.jpg

The Grub’s range of boots has various features to enable the boots to withstand whatever they are up against, such as the Nitrocell™ cushioning foot-bed to ensure comfort and insulation; several different styles of sole to offer superb grip and the Super-Dri™ lining to keep feet dry.

Gem commented: “I adore my Grub’s Boots as they have kept me going for a while now and withstand quite a lot of abuse because of my job which includes mud, sand, sea, muck and everything in between!”

“I have no issues walking in the boots as they keep my feet warm and dry and are super comfy, so this winter I am 100% ready, as I know my Grub’s boots will keep my feet warm.”

Continued Gem: “I can’t wait to buy another pair as there is so much choice and variety and different colours – it’s nice to be spoilt for choice.”

Frostline Autumn Winter 2018/19 colours are new in

 Ocean and Scarlet

Ocean and Scarlet

Two new seasonal colours have just hit the shelves of a Grubs retailer near you.  with the darker nights of September just around the corner the new Frostline in Scarlet will brighten up the evenings and set off the turning leaves of autumn. Ocean blue is a beautiful mid shade that is very popular this season and Grubs doesn't fail to add that sparkle of colour.


Also new for this season is an update to our perennial favourite Fuchsia, A much brighter shade than before the new Fuchsia is available now from all good Grubs wholesalers


Event Rider Completes Epic 100km Walk for Charity


Claire Fielding, eventing ambassador and supporter of Grub’s Boots, is no stranger to throwing herself in to challenges, and recently she completed one of her biggest tests to date, walking 100km in under 24 hours for Tom’s Trust.

Tom’s Trust was set up in memory of a young boy called Tom Whiteley who sadly lost his fight to cancer in November 2010, he was only nine-years-old. 

With hard work and dedication the wonderful charity funds Clinical Psychologists to support children with brain tumours, something Claire holds close to her heart.


In September 2013, Claire’s five-year-old niece Phoenix, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent major brain surgery three days after the consultation. 

Phoenix has also endured 18 long months of chemotherapy, but the tumour unfortunately keeps making an appearance and over the recent school holidays underwent six weeks of proton therapy. But this brave little girl isn’t giving up without a fight and is now 10-years-old.

Claire decided she wanted to raise money for the charity that has helped the family during the difficult times and aided other poorly children.

Night walk section.jpg

The amazing staff at Tom’s Trust working alongside the Brainbow Trust at Addenbrooke’s hospital, Cambridge, have been brilliant.

And what task did Claire choose to challenge herself and raise money for this wonderful cause? 

The South Coast Challenge – a 100km walk/jog in 24 hours!

This spectacular walk with stunning views started on August 25, 2018, at the seaside town of Eastbourne with the beautiful trek along the costal path over South Downs Way and finishing at Arundel.

Claire endured rocky paths, hilly climbs and complete darkness as it was a 24 hour walk, whilst carrying all her supplies in a backpack.

There were plenty aches and pains, but not from Claire’s feet as she wore her Grub’s Discover Shoes which helped with support, as the feet sit deep into the sole, supporting the arch and cradling the heel so there was no discomfort.

The shoes are also waterproof so Claire’s feet stayed dry with the morning due on the grass when she came to finish her epic challenge.

Claire F at the finish line.jpg

Said Claire: “I finished the walk in under 23 hours, which I am so pleased about as all my training in the lead up to this event has paid off.

“This was a great task for me as I love walking anyway, but I knew The South Coast Challenge would be a whole new level, and I needed something I could really throw myself into and help raise money for this wonderful charity, and for my beautiful niece who inspires me every day!”

To donate visit Claire’s Just Giving page: visit the charities website to make a donation

Claires Medal.jpg

21km coastal walk in Discover walking shoes.

 DISCOVER in Charcoal/Black RRP £119.95

DISCOVER in Charcoal/Black RRP £119.95

It was a beautiful sunny day with a brisk north westerly wind so we decided a low level walk would be preferable. The tide was out for the next few hours so we set out to walk around Blackstone point. We started out at the Ship Inn at Sandside walking west to Arnside via the abandoned railway line, this was easy going in our Discover shoes. We arrived at Arnside via the railway station and decided to have lunch at the Albion.

 Wide open expanse of Morecombe Bay has to be one of the most desolate yet beautiful areas in the UK.

Wide open expanse of Morecombe Bay has to be one of the most desolate yet beautiful areas in the UK.

We set off for the walk proper following the coastal path to Blackstone point. This is easy a first but turns into loose rocks and screw as you approach the point. Our Discover shoes came into their own; the Vibram Sphike soles gave sure footed grip thanks to the XS-TREK rubber compound.

 Blackstone Point, Heysham in the distance,

Blackstone Point, Heysham in the distance,

The STABILITY-CRADLE of Discover kept us upright and protected our ankles over the rough terrain. Once around the point the going got much easier as scree gave way to the wide open sands of Morecombe bay and we could pick up the pace around Park Point to Far Arnside. At this point we left the beach and the wind to cut across country back towards Storth. A short stretch of road leads through Holgates Caravan Park to Arnside Tower (pictured) and through Middlebarrow Wood to the railway line.

 Arnside Tower

Arnside Tower

We followed the Railway to Black Dyke. Here we crossed under the line and headed through the valley towards Hazelslack Tower (another ruined medieval tower) a gentle walk up hill through wood lined fields brought us back into Storth. We had a great day and didn’t feel the distance thanks to our footwear. Thank you Grub's boots even Daisy the cocker enjoyed it!


Former International athlete Steve Kenyon Discovers New Zealand


I have been wear testing the Grubs Discover shoes for sometime now
and I have to say I think they are great.
I have been wearing them since March, took them to the other side
of the World when we visited our son who lives in Wellington NZ
the first photo was taken on Somes Island ( with Wellington in the background)
brand new first time on,we walked roughly 8 miles that first day the shoes were
very comfortable and supportive.


I continued to wear them for all our walks for the 4 weeks that we there.
Back home I generally walk 3 times a week with the dog, on varied terrain
including Winter Hill (before the recent fires)  crossing streams etc (2nd photo)
they are still as comfortable and supportive as they were on the first day.
I have worn different brands of walking shoes in recent years
but the Grubs Discover are by far the best that I have ever worn.
I am a former International athlete and among some of my achievements are
3rd 1979 New York Marathon
1982 British Marathon Champion
Winner 1985 Great North Run ( 3rd photo).

Steve Kenyon.


Grub’s Discover Shoe Sara Walker, equestrian journalist

At first sight, I have to admit I thought these shoes looked a little odd. They’re like trainers - but on steroids, with a built-up, chunky sole. I thought they’d feel a bit chunky once on, but actually I was very pleasantly surprised. The sole didn’t feel raised or chunky at all, in fact, I felt I had a good connection with the ground and could ‘feel’ the path when walking over uneven ground. They were extremely comfortable, and in fact the first time I wore them I walked eight miles in them with no discomfort or rubbing at all – they didn’t seem to need any wearing in. 


I chose my usual size, which is a five, and they fitted very nicely. The backs are just high enough to support your heel, without making them a pain to get on and off. I have unusually high arches to my feet which can sometimes result in shoes rubbing against the top of my foot, but there was no sign of that with the Discover Shoes. I’ve now worn them in rain and mud and can report they’ve been completely waterproof. I think these wouldn’t be robust enough to use on the yard in the winter, but they’d be fine in summer if you weren’t riding. Where they really come into their own, though, is for walking – whether it’s a quick trip across the field or a more strenuous scramble. 


So far, I’ve been wearing these shoes almost continually for about three weeks and they still look fresh out of the box (OK, so with a little added mud!). They’re not cheap, but this is the price I’d expect to pay for decent quality walking boots and I think these shoes fall into a similar category. I’m expecting these to see a lot of wear during the summer months.


The Weekend Warriors and Chilli Pepper Dog Discover the Difference

grubs 8.jpg

Instagram hit Chilli.Pepper.Dog and her owners Jessica Knowles and Tim Featonby (also known as The Weekend Warriors) tried out the Grub’s Discover Shoe, to see if it was up to the test in conquering the English countryside and keeping up with Chilli. 

Here is what Jessica said:

First looking at the Grub’s Discover Shoes they seemed smaller, not as durable and quite frankly a posher version of a trainer (which any dog walker would know in autumn/winter, just won’t do). Lugging your feet around in the sloppy, wet mud, feels like a workout in itself, so we were dubious if they would be up to scratch. 

We popped them on and ventured across as many different terrains to put them to the test. The last thing you would want is to come home with wet socks and blistered feet. But to our surprise we skipped across the fields and the mud merely licked the sides of the shoes and didn’t penetrate our socks at all.

grubs 9.jpg

The next part of the journey was through a low stream and again, the water just tickled the sides not making any lasting impression inside our shoes. 

We then climbed over some stiles thinking they may be too rigid and inflexible to help us shimmy across, but again, it was easy. 

A stoney path followed up to the hillside and we thought we may have found a weakness…but again the extra thick sole ensured that it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

We were impressed with how understated such a functional shoe could be. With your everyday walks you use your everyday items; dog lead, collar, whistle, poo bags, treats etc.  We were impressed with these shoes so much so, now Grub’s will be added to the list as a no brainer. Taking the dog out for a walk suddenly became a whole lot easier without having to contend with the usual clunky, bulky, boots or wellies.

grubs 10.jpg

These will not replace our trusted wellies in winter, however they certainly will replace them in autumn, spring and summer to make future expeditions with the pooch are a walk in the park.

Overall these shoes are great all-rounders because they are light-weight, comfortable, breathable and waterproof!

12 Miles of North Yorkshire in my DISCOVER shoes by Tim Smith


Last weekend I did a 12 mile walk in North Yorkshire, the weather was glorious and the views spectacular. Whilst my feet were cool and dry everyone else in team was far too hot in their walking boots, I, however had never been so comfortable thanks to my new Grubs Discover shoe. 

I had worn the shoe the occasional day around the garden, in the office and to my boot camp sessions, however they were relatively new when I embarked on the 12 mile walk around Middleham. They took absolutely no wearing in as they were comfy from putting my first step forward which is always a worry when wearing new shoes for hiking. 

The lightweight shoe was indescribably comfortable; as I am an avid walker I have tried lots of different footwear whilst on my travels. These trainers were so comfortable it meant I could, without even noticing walk at a faster pace in a more relaxed way. I didn’t complain about my feet all day!

With the fantastic weather reaching 26°C over the weekend, I was so pleased I decided to wear the lightweight, breathable show instead of my typically heavy, bulky walking boots. The breathable Discover allowed my feet to stay cool, dry and most importantly comfortable all day.

The terrain was a little wet and muddy in places however all it took to get them clean was a couple of wipes with a damp cloth. The last thing you want to be worrying about when out walking in the beautiful countryside is getting your shoes dirty, so next time I wouldn’t think twice about this knowing they can be easily restored to looking new again.

 Middleham Market cross

Middleham Market cross

The support the shoe gave me was great, I felt confident and stylish in the Black/Burst colour shoe. Brushing past sharp rocks and stones didn’t seem to phase the tough snag resistant outer fabric either. 

The derby laced opening meant I could adjust the fit whether this be a tight snug fit or to loosen it up when we stopped for a quick lunch break. 

All four of my friends that joined me on the walk were envious of my comfortable shoes and all now have a pair on order!

Tim Smith

WOOFWAGWALK.CO.UK Test our Discover Walking Shoe


So if you’re reading this chances are you’ve got a dog and like me plan to get out and about this summer exploring and walking in the countryside, enjoying life together. I bet your pooch is all kitted out with a new collar and lead and you’ve got all their essentials like a disposable water bowl sorted. But what about your feet? Yes! yours human! Well would you believe it, you don’t have to put the leg work in finding the pawfect pair because we’ve made an exciting discovery. Grubs (yes, the welly boot people) have just launched a brand new range of walking boots and trainers and this last couple of weeks myself and my partner, Rod, have been putting the Discover Trainers through their paces.


My first impressions of the Grubs Discover Trainer from the website was the eye catching design and vivid colourways. David from Grubs kindly let us choose which colour we preferred so I went for the Fuschia/MInt ones and Rod the Black/Burst, they are also available in a more conservative grey Charcoal and Black for those who don’t want to make a statement! Fashion aside though it’s the comfort and duarabilty of walking shoes that matters to us and the Discover did not fall short. 


Grubs spent a year developing the Discover and it shows! Unlike the heavy leather walking boots we usually buy the trainers were comfortable from the off and made even quite long, tough walks seem almost effortless. Maybe because these trainers are packed with innovative features such as a RollinGait, a new technology that helps you move with more fluidity which makes them super comfortable and helps to prevent aching limbs. Then there is the Vibram Speed Hike  sole which has such tremendous grip that I never once felt I was going to slip even when climbing up quite steep slopes. The trainers really support and protect your feet too thanks to the Stability Cradle and are breathable and completely waterproof thanks to the Hydri-Fuse breathable bootie lining.The thing that most impressed Rod though were the laces, they didn’t come undone once!  I think that Grubs Discover trainers are just right for spring and summer dog walks and feel so light compared to my walking boots that in fact I once actually forgot I still had them on and thought I was wearing my slippers!


We have worn them to walk the dogs every day since we’ve received them, to the dog park, on long clifftop and coastal walks, through woodland and in open countryside, as well as getting  them wet and muddy, and they have taken every test in their stride. The trainers are so comfortable that you never have that “can’t wait to take off my shoes” feeling and truth be told I’ve hardly taken mine off. The Discovers are so versatile and stylish they don’t look out of place in the city centre, supermarket or pub so you can literally go anywhere in them, come home and go straight out with the dogs! (which if your pooches are anything like as impatient for walkies as my two girls they will surely appreciate )


One of the most important things to us when we buy walking shoes is the longevity, will these walking trainers survive and still be waterproof in 6 months time? Check back in September when I will report back on where they’ve been and how well they coped. They way things are going I’m really optimistic! Grubs Discover Trainers are available to buy from Grubs Warehouse priced at £119.95.

What do you think friends, are you tempted to treat your feet to a pair of Discovers? Why not leave us a comment and let us know.


Love Sal, Maya & Lucia xxx

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Welcome to our new range of prestige leather boots, a high performance group of boots that also boast a high degree of style;

 The Alston

The Alston

The Alston is handcrafted in supple Iberian leather and fitted with a water resistant breathable membrane. It's iconic scalloped boot pull and leather zip tassel is complimented with leather detailing running the length of the zip and inner boot header for maximum comfort.  The boot is double stitched for strength with brogued detail for a unique country look. The Alstons chic lines and tailored ankle is flattering on the leg making it the sophisticated choice whether out in the city or out in the field.  Shod with a Vibram Blown rubber sole in a classic commando pattern for sure footed grip and lightweight.


 The Duxbury

The Duxbury

The Duxbury boot features a quilted leg with distinctive buckled top strap, external calve adjustment allows the boot to fit most legs. A soft, supple suede exterior with full grain Iberian leather vamp and trim. Fully lined the boot is waterproof to the base of the bellows. A Vibram Bibu blown rubber sole with a classic commando sole pattern give superior grip with lightweight for ultimate comfort. Effortlessly glamorous it’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

 Vibram's Bibu, commando style sole in lightweight blown rubber

Vibram's Bibu, commando style sole in lightweight blown rubber

 The Tatton

The Tatton

Introducing the Tatton a Chelsea Boot for women designed in luxurious brown suede. Following classic lines and a simplistic design, the Tatton is expertly crafted with supple leather throughout. The combination of the butter-soft, Iberian suede and contrasting elastic inserts offers a play in colour. The Tatton is set on a a rubber tipped leather heel for a comfortable lift, while our elegantly chiseled toe and slim leather sole gives a signature look and clean finish. This is a wardrobe essential of ultimate effortless versatility in both smart and casual wardrobes.