Nordic Walking Festival Huge Success


ON September 13 – 15th, 2019, Grub’s attended the fourth Purbeck Nordic Walking Festival in the beautiful county of Dorset.

Also known as the Purplebeck Fest, this annual event brings Nordic Walking fans from across the UK together to enjoy workshops, evening entertainment and of course some stunning walks around the Isle of Purbeck.

Walkers could explore the Jurassic Coast, Brownsea Island, Old Harry Rocks and see the famous small cob and thatch cottage, the birthplace of English author Thomas Hardy.

During the event there were also two distance challenges – a 16 mile route and a 27 mile marathon across rugged terrain.


As well as the walks there were workshops for everyone to get involved with, like perfecting the Nordic Walking technique, yoga, belly dancing, stretching, to a Smovey Workout and many more. 

There was also music entertainment on the Saturday evening with everyone coming together, gathering around the fire with a beverage or having a good dance until late – the Nordic Walkers know how to boogie!

Grub’s have recently teamed up with Nordic Walking UK because of the Discover Shoe. This innovative trainer has standout features to benefit the Nordic Walker.


The RollinGait™ system which is a sole unit that curves along with the foot to meet maximum movement and impact and increases the fluidity of motion, reducing discomfort in lower limbs even after hours of use.

Made from a tough, snag resistant Diamond Rip-Stop™ nylon outer, makes the shoe a strong, versatile piece of footwear perfect for the outdoor terrain and unpredictable weather. 

The waterproof, breathable Hydri-Fuse™ moisture wicking bootie lining, wicks away moisture and helps to provide a comfortable feel, keeping feet warm and dry during fast paced activities.


Said David Foster, CEO of Grub’s Boots Ltd.: “It was brilliant to attend the Nordic Walking festival as it gave us the opportunity to meet the amazing Nordic Walking team and see all the members of this organisation coming together for the love of their sport.

“Thank you to everyone who came to see us on the Grub’s stand in the retail tent, it was great to hear your feedback on our Discover Shoe and we look forward to supporting the Nordic Walking ventures in the future.”


Grub’s Discover The Muddy Dog Challenge

THE team at performance footwear specialists, Grub’s Boots are taking up the Muddy Dog Challenge in a bid to out their products to the test!

Makers of the Best British Neoprene Boot – the Frostline – the Grub’s family love a good challenge whether its designing the very best, high-tech footwear for outdoor pursuits or taking part in exciting activities such as the Muddy Dog Challenge.

CEO of Grub’s, David Foster has been signed up by his family to take part in this fun race to support the dogs and cats at Battersea.


David and his four-legged companions Daisy, a 3 year old cocker, will be in Manchester on September 14, taking part in the 5km course involving, mud, water, tunnels and many more obstacles along the route. 

For the course David will be wearing the Grub’s Discover Shoes which are ideal to handle challenges like this as they are made from tough, snag resistant Diamond Rip-Stop™ nylon outer, making them strong and versatile.   

To keep David’s feet warm and dry during this fast paced activity, the waterproof, breathable Hydri-Fuse™ moisture wicking bootie lining, wicks away moisture and helps to provide a comfortable feel.

Featuring a stylish derby laced opening, for maximum adjustment and a snug fit, the Discover Shoe will offer David full support throughout the challenge.

Said David: “It was such a surprise when I found out my daughters had signed me up for this challenge, but I am very much looking forward to it. It is for such a great cause and we as a family are big animal lovers!

“The Discover Shoes will no doubt play a big part when tackling the terrain and obstacles and offer me great support when I’m trying to keep up with the dog. Wish me luck!”

GRUBS Introduce new leather work boots for men and women.

GRUBS 2018 Autumn LS L1010498.jpg


An Australian, V-Cut three piece water resistant full grain Iberian, double stitched leather upper. Dealer style work boot with oil/acid resistant sole and COMFORT lining. 

FURY™ also features an oil and acid resistant outsole, Composite toe: ENISO 12568, a ballistic nylon DEFENDER™ Anti-penetration midsole: ENISO 2476395 

COMFORT features include: Double-sided side gore for easy on and off.  An underfoot the 4mm LUXLITE™ foot bed provides ultra-soft cushioning for an athletic shoe feel. A GRAVITY+™ Oil and Acid resistant sole with ENERGY ZONE™ heel and PU midsole, featuring a METPAD™ Urethane shock pad under the ball of the foot. The whole boot is lined in our COMFORT™ lining is breathable and hardwearing, wick moister away from the wearer’s foot to prevent a sweaty and uncomfortable feel. It is fungus and rot proof. 



SIZES: BROWN 4-13 TRADE: £44.95 RRP: £67.43 (NO VAT) 

Fury safety.JPG

Grubs reaps awards at BETA


Grubs reaped the highly commended award at BETA this January for our new premium dealer boot:

The CYCLONE is an Australian, V-Cut three piece water resistant full grain Iberian leather upper. Dealer style work boot with oil/acid resistant sole and COMFORT lining. Oil and acid resistant sole. 

Underfoot the 4mm X-COMFORT™ foot bed provides ultra-soft cushioning for an athletic shoe feel with an additional METPAD™ Urethane shock pad under the ball of the foot.

The COMFORT+™ lining is breathable and hardwearing, wick moister away from the wearer’s foot to prevent a sweaty and uncomfortable feel. It is fungus and rot proof. 

UNDERFOOT CHASSIS™ of our boots gives a sure footed platform to the new GRAVITY+™ outsole which has an acid and Oil resistant sole with an ENERGY ZONE heel. 

WEIGHT: 1.1kg 


SIZES: HAVANA 6-13 TRADE: £48.95 RRP: £119.95 


GRUBS Discover is waterproof and designed for walking.

GRUBS Discover is waterproof and designed for walking.

Walking for Fitness is a natural and straight forward activity, in which anyone can participate to feel good and stay in shape. Fitness walking can be used to develop endurance, improve breathing, tone the body and cardiac capacity.

After a fitness walking session, you feel relaxed and excited to getting back out for another walk!

At Just 690grams  (UK size 8) the DISCOVER is super lightweight and only £119 (RRP)

At Just 690grams (UK size 8) the DISCOVER is super lightweight and only £119 (RRP)

You can Walk anywhere, in the city or in the countryside and there is no need to join a gym to start!A relatively flat route is best in order to start gently, getting some fresh air and increasing fitness levels.

Walking has excellent health benefits and the advantage of being a soft low impact discipline. If your friends and family are the kind of people who haven't practised any sport for a number of years, Fitness walking is for them too!

It is a sport that is gentle on the body and the joints given that the impacts are reduced as one foot is always in contact with the ground.

The Women’s ADVENTURE is just 1200grams (UK size 5), waterproof and insulated to subzero for winter walks and just £144 (RRP)

The Women’s ADVENTURE is just 1200grams (UK size 5), waterproof and insulated to subzero for winter walks and just £144 (RRP)

All you need is a pair of fitness walking shoes, designed to care for your feet while you walk.

The Grubs Range of DISCOVER shoes and Adventure boots feature Vibram’s Rollin-gait system that works with your feet providing cushioning and support along with super traction.

Grubs Stand up to the Nordic Walking Technique Test

Discover shoe in Fuchsia and Mint

Discover shoe in Fuchsia and Mint

Nordic walkers are really fussy about shoes at NWUK, and our requirements are pretty simple…

Number one priority is COMFORT! We want to be out with our poles at every opportunity on all types of terrain so we need supportive, lightweight shoes with great cushioning.


Second priority is WATERPROOFING WITH BREATHE – ABILITY!Soggy and/or sweaty feet will affect the experience of even the shortest of walks and one thing that we have learned over the years is dry feet = happy walkers!


The third element is very specific but vital for Nordic Walking and that’s a sole that is flexible enough to get a great HEEL TO TOE FOOT ROLL. Part of good Nordic walking technique is to hit the ground with the heel of the foot and to engage the whole foot in a rolling action that finishes with a push off from the toes as you propel forward with the pole on the opposite side. The key things a shoe needs to provide in order to facilitate this are good cushioning for the heel strike and great flexibility through the mid foot to the toes.

Vibram’s ROLINGAIT system increases the fluidity of motion reducing discomfort in the lower limbs even after hours of use.

Vibram’s ROLINGAIT system increases the fluidity of motion reducing discomfort in the lower limbs even after hours of use.

This month we have been testing GRUBS Discover Shoeswhich have built in ‘RollinGait’ technology and a unique Stabiltiy Cradle which positions the foot deep in the sole. Tested by a panel of key instructors, our original concern that the sole was chunky sole were soon replaced with a “WOW that really helps to stabilise the foot.” They are also extremely comfy and the shoes really do enable brilliant Nordic Walking technique! 


Tested by six instructors – the shoes have ranked higher than any others we have tested for Nordic Walking.


Here are a few of the reviews ……………………….

WATERPROOF! HYDROFUSE technology is lightweight, highly breathable and very waterproof.

WATERPROOF! HYDROFUSE technology is lightweight, highly breathable and very waterproof.

Sam Armstrong from Derbyshire trialled a pair of brightly coloured Fuchsia and Mint shoes and rated them out of 10 – here are her conclusions:

Comfort - 10 

Laces – 10

Sole and RollinGait technology - 9

It took a few hours to get used to the RollinGait but once adapted to it I was hooked. I loved the fact that it encourages the lemon squeeze effect and heel strike. It’s not got a 10 because I would like to see a deeper lug. Although saying that they performed well on the Adventure walk and there were slippy conditions under the leaves and sandstone rocks.

Mid sole – 10, they were like wearing slippers outdoors but with support.

Waterproof – I’ve now fully tested the shoes in wet, damp and muddy conditions. They were really tested out on an awful muddy peak district walk and I have to say performed brilliantly, absolutely superb!

My feet stayed warm and dry and they didn’t slip or feel insecure at all whilst I supported less able members down a slippy bank. So top marks for the lugs!

Weight 10 – Super light but still feel very much a solid shoe.

Uppers – Hard to score on this one, as I’m not a fan of the colour and neither did it go down to well with my walkers, however, I did mention that they came in Charcoal too. They were all very curious about the shoe and if it had been in grey they wouldn’t have noticed it as much.

In all I like the fabric, the flexibility of the shoe and the control that you feel you have with it. A super snug fit to the foot, very secure with the lacing system. They are also warm and cosy (if that make sense).

Conclusion, I love them!

The DISCOVER’s Derby lace system allows for a custom fit.

The DISCOVER’s Derby lace system allows for a custom fit.

Janine Lewis an instructor who is based in Reading who trialled the Black and Yellow version says:

These shoes were made for a lot of fun and serious walking! The company name alone, Grubs, lets you know that they are a no nonsense shoe for our wonderful British weather and terrain.

Over the last seven days I have played on flint-stoned canal paths, slippery wet grass slopes, wet chalky hills, huge puddles, tarmac paths, woodland trails with hidden roots under slippery leaves. The tough rugged soles with decent grippy rubbery cleats really did keep me up right and dry.

The shoes are wider than I am used to but with their unique lacing system I could tighten them to get a comfortable supportive hug within the shoe. There was a slight crease from pulling them tight but this did not rub on my upper foot. 

Space in the toe area for orthotics and the TPU overlay protects your toes.

Space in the toe area for orthotics and the TPU overlay protects your toes.

The shoes are also a neutral foot bed which was more practical for the heel to toe rolling through action of Nordic walking. You walk with a stronger foot placement. I did not need to resort to adding my orthotic soles in and comfortably walked up to 12 miles each day without foot ache. There was sufficient suppleness through the top of the shoe to flex as I moved through to the upright movement of heel to toe, almost on tip toes, especially comfortable going up the hills too.

I wore different socks each day from merino thermal socks to athletic thinner running socks. I had no foot movement due to the lacing. I find with some shoes that are wider, I have to wear thicker socks that can often cause friction blisters. Not the case with these.

HYDROFUSE technology is lightweight, highly breathable and very waterproof.

HYDROFUSE technology is lightweight, highly breathable and very waterproof.

The shoe was almost similar in style and look of the lower foot bed of a wellie. This made them very waterproof. I have still not managed to get wet feet despite jumping in puddles.

The heel grip was high and snug and didn’t rub. The ankle area was cut low and again, no rubbing. I have long feet with a skinny heel area, so although I was in a broad men’s shoe size 9, I did not feel like I was walking in oversize heavy shoes. 

The foot bed has a solid innersole, which I initially thought would feel hard and harsh on the sole, especially If I was walking on gravel. The rubber sole seems to disperse the piercing effect of the small stones.  

These shoes are a good alternative to leather shoes as they are lighter in weight. They are a different style to the trail shoes which are also low profile but often narrower. The shoe style didn’t have excess stitching on top which often deteriorates and splits with the constant upper shoe creasing.

It’s a thumbs up from me for these shoes. Solid, supportive, warm and waterproof, Oh, and in my favourite duck-yellow!”

DISCOVER Charcoal Black

DISCOVER Charcoal Black

Ian Northcott from Bromsgrove had a Charcoal and Black pair to put through their paces and here’s his opinion! 

I have used these shoes for a few days now. Wow (apart from the white sole) they are fantastic.

Comfort - 5/5 

Waterproof - 5/5 

Colour - 2/5 

NW Friendly - 4/5

Indoor Gym friendly - 4/5 

Running Friendly - 3/5 

They are brilliant, I want another pair!!!


Ashley Sandy from Wiltshire said:

They are really comfortable and flexible – they are great for NW on the flat with an even surface. I can really squeeze the lemons with them.

They are waterproof and dry which is great at the moment – the colour is not great and the mint colour got dirty really quickly.  

On hills they are OK again if the ground is even but as they are a bit wide for me – they were less supportive when walking on rougher ground or uneven surfaces because I could feel my feet moving around especially around the toe box which is pretty wide. However they are so comfy otherwise that I will try them with some insoles.

Nordic Walking Fans love Grubs!

Nordic Walking Fans love Grubs!

Finally Lucie Cormack and Gill Stewart from HQ have been testing the shoes on a variety of walks from long and slow to fast paced workout walks and the verdict is that they perform well on both and definitely seem to reduce fatigue in the legs and aid faster paced Nordic walking. 

Lucie commented:

They are incredibly lightweight yet robust with a great grip and I just seem to want to walk faster when I wear them!

So we think that’s a pretty good thumbs up from the Nordic Walking UK experts!

Winter walk Sandside to Arnside and return

The Langdales viewed from Sandside

The Langdales viewed from Sandside

The view across the Kent estuary area of Morecombe Bay has to be on of the most exceptional in England and it draws visitors from all across the country. As the days grow shorter and the weather closes in this is a great area to get out and walk for a couple of hours and its accessible for walkers of all abilities.


Starting at the Ship Inn at Sandside we took the start geo-trail along the old railway line and crossed over the road and headed to the beach. This area is an SSI, so please keep to the path which in this case is the embankment on the old railway line to Arnside. Being a disused railway it is Flat and dry even in the worst conditions, ideal for ramblers and dog walkers alike and benefits additionally from tree cover. It’s easy to pick up a good pace along this stretch and time rushes by due to the amazing views that keep you company the whole way.

GRUBS MIDLINE 5.0 is perfect for winter walks.

GRUBS MIDLINE 5.0 is perfect for winter walks.

The embankment leads you to Arnside station where you cross via the foot bridge and walk into Arnside and along the promenade overlooking the viaduct. Historical trains are run along here until the autumn and we were lucky to catch site of one such train thundering across whilst we were there.

LMS Jubilee class 5699 Galatea steams across the viaduct at Arnside.

LMS Jubilee class 5699 Galatea steams across the viaduct at Arnside.

Mid afternoon the cloud parted as the light began to fade and we made our way back along the old line back to Sandside. Some fantastic sunsets set off the scenery magnificently.

Sunset with Arnside viaduct in the distance.

Sunset with Arnside viaduct in the distance.

The MIDLINE 5.0 boot performed superbly on the muddy coastal stretches of beach as well as being exceedingly comfortable the whole of the walk.

MIDLINE 5.0 RRP £79.95 from

MIDLINE 5.0 RRP £79.95 from

No More Cold Feet - Thanks To Grub’s

With the cooler weather making an appearance, boots to keep your feet warm and cosy are essential and for Gem Kingaby, she has definitely found the right pair for her.

Gem, based in Pembrokeshire in Wales, suffers with really cold feet, even during the summer weather, so it was important to find a pair of boots that not only kept her feet warm but were breathable too. 

Working at a trail riding centre as a trail leader and also the photographer, the boots endure seaside walks, trekking in mud and then back to the stables to muck out the horses, and to Gem’s delight the boots from Grub’s are up to the task!

Gem - Beach Image.jpg

The Grub’s range of boots has various features to enable the boots to withstand whatever they are up against, such as the Nitrocell™ cushioning foot-bed to ensure comfort and insulation; several different styles of sole to offer superb grip and the Super-Dri™ lining to keep feet dry.

Gem commented: “I adore my Grub’s Boots as they have kept me going for a while now and withstand quite a lot of abuse because of my job which includes mud, sand, sea, muck and everything in between!”

“I have no issues walking in the boots as they keep my feet warm and dry and are super comfy, so this winter I am 100% ready, as I know my Grub’s boots will keep my feet warm.”

Continued Gem: “I can’t wait to buy another pair as there is so much choice and variety and different colours – it’s nice to be spoilt for choice.”

Frostline Autumn Winter 2018/19 colours are new in

Ocean and Scarlet

Ocean and Scarlet

Two new seasonal colours have just hit the shelves of a Grubs retailer near you.  with the darker nights of September just around the corner the new Frostline in Scarlet will brighten up the evenings and set off the turning leaves of autumn. Ocean blue is a beautiful mid shade that is very popular this season and Grubs doesn't fail to add that sparkle of colour.


Also new for this season is an update to our perennial favourite Fuchsia, A much brighter shade than before the new Fuchsia is available now from all good Grubs wholesalers


Event Rider Completes Epic 100km Walk for Charity


Claire Fielding, eventing ambassador and supporter of Grub’s Boots, is no stranger to throwing herself in to challenges, and recently she completed one of her biggest tests to date, walking 100km in under 24 hours for Tom’s Trust.

Tom’s Trust was set up in memory of a young boy called Tom Whiteley who sadly lost his fight to cancer in November 2010, he was only nine-years-old. 

With hard work and dedication the wonderful charity funds Clinical Psychologists to support children with brain tumours, something Claire holds close to her heart.


In September 2013, Claire’s five-year-old niece Phoenix, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent major brain surgery three days after the consultation. 

Phoenix has also endured 18 long months of chemotherapy, but the tumour unfortunately keeps making an appearance and over the recent school holidays underwent six weeks of proton therapy. But this brave little girl isn’t giving up without a fight and is now 10-years-old.

Claire decided she wanted to raise money for the charity that has helped the family during the difficult times and aided other poorly children.

Night walk section.jpg

The amazing staff at Tom’s Trust working alongside the Brainbow Trust at Addenbrooke’s hospital, Cambridge, have been brilliant.

And what task did Claire choose to challenge herself and raise money for this wonderful cause? 

The South Coast Challenge – a 100km walk/jog in 24 hours!

This spectacular walk with stunning views started on August 25, 2018, at the seaside town of Eastbourne with the beautiful trek along the costal path over South Downs Way and finishing at Arundel.

Claire endured rocky paths, hilly climbs and complete darkness as it was a 24 hour walk, whilst carrying all her supplies in a backpack.

There were plenty aches and pains, but not from Claire’s feet as she wore her Grub’s Discover Shoes which helped with support, as the feet sit deep into the sole, supporting the arch and cradling the heel so there was no discomfort.

The shoes are also waterproof so Claire’s feet stayed dry with the morning due on the grass when she came to finish her epic challenge.

Claire F at the finish line.jpg

Said Claire: “I finished the walk in under 23 hours, which I am so pleased about as all my training in the lead up to this event has paid off.

“This was a great task for me as I love walking anyway, but I knew The South Coast Challenge would be a whole new level, and I needed something I could really throw myself into and help raise money for this wonderful charity, and for my beautiful niece who inspires me every day!”

To donate visit Claire’s Just Giving page: visit the charities website to make a donation

Claires Medal.jpg