No More Cold Feet - Thanks To Grub’s

With the cooler weather making an appearance, boots to keep your feet warm and cosy are essential and for Gem Kingaby, she has definitely found the right pair for her.

Gem, based in Pembrokeshire in Wales, suffers with really cold feet, even during the summer weather, so it was important to find a pair of boots that not only kept her feet warm but were breathable too. 

Working at a trail riding centre as a trail leader and also the photographer, the boots endure seaside walks, trekking in mud and then back to the stables to muck out the horses, and to Gem’s delight the boots from Grub’s are up to the task!

Gem - Beach Image.jpg

The Grub’s range of boots has various features to enable the boots to withstand whatever they are up against, such as the Nitrocell™ cushioning foot-bed to ensure comfort and insulation; several different styles of sole to offer superb grip and the Super-Dri™ lining to keep feet dry.

Gem commented: “I adore my Grub’s Boots as they have kept me going for a while now and withstand quite a lot of abuse because of my job which includes mud, sand, sea, muck and everything in between!”

“I have no issues walking in the boots as they keep my feet warm and dry and are super comfy, so this winter I am 100% ready, as I know my Grub’s boots will keep my feet warm.”

Continued Gem: “I can’t wait to buy another pair as there is so much choice and variety and different colours – it’s nice to be spoilt for choice.”