Team Sommerville


James (29), a talented 4-star eventer rider based in Yorkshire has been out competing on the professional circuit for many years against some of the top names and made his Badminton debut last May.

With a wealth of experience and a great team of horses including James’s main horse Talent, the start of the eventing season can’t come soon enough!

Said James: “I was so pleased that there was an opportunity to be part of the Grub’s team.


“Grub’s Boots are always so comfy and definitely keep your feet warm when it’s bitterly cold outside during the winter months and you are out on the yard.”

David Foster, of Grub’s commented: “We are so excited to work with James and his team, they all work extremely hard and will make a valuable part of our team.

“We have a vast range boots ideal for being on the yard and walking the dogs, and with our brand attributes; #COMFORT, #GRIP, #WATERPROOF and #WARM we aim to continue to be brand leaders.”